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Related article: Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 14:53:10 +0200 From: Kai Lundstr�m Subject: Adventures with Lenny Part 1Disclaimer:This story contains graphic description of activity of a sexual nature involving a man and minor boys. The story is not true; the sexual acts described herein derive solely form imagination. It is not intended to promote illegal acts with / to / by minors, nor does it condone child abuse of any sort. If you object to the subject matter, stop reading. If your reading of this material Underage Lolita violates laws in your place of residence or where you are currently locates, stop reading. Thank you.My first language is German. So please be indulgent with my English.This story is copyright � by kaiarvidhotmail.com My Adventures with Lenny and Chris (M/B/B) Chapter one - To meat Lenny in a cyber-communityIt was one of those summer nights you can't go to bed because the day seems not to end. As I do often I surfed through the internet looking in forums and chat rooms for gay boys. Yes I confess at the age of 26 my desire is for a boy around 12 or 13 for a nice dirty chat or maybe more. After some hours I found an entry in a gay-youth-forum: 'Nearly 13 year old shy boy with special fantasies is looking for a man who can give me love, lust, advice and protection. I really want to learn more about my sex and orientation.' This was written only two hours ago and the author was marked to be online on icq. Wow that was really what I was searching for. So I opened my icq and send an instant message to 'LennyCool': 'Hi Lenny! My name is Bastian. I am 26 years old and I think I could give you all you asked for. I would like to be your teacher. Let me know if you are ready for your first lesson'I don't have to wait long for an answer. And following cyber dialog took place:'Hi Bastian, my name is Lenny and I?m always ready for every sexy stuff to learn cause I?m always horny.''I can imagine that a boy of your age is looking for relief all the time! lol''You are so right but also you won't believe I'm quite shy and this is my first attempt to get in any sexual contact with someone. Also I don?t know any other way than jack off to make horny things better.''Hey my young friend that's no prob. I would be here to help you to get out of your shell and discover so many ways to make your jack-off-feelings better or even try real good things. So I'm really would love it to be with you cause showing someone how Underage Lolita to work on your dong is much better than any description could be. I won't press you and I would like to learn more about you and would like to tell you more about me but only if you want. Than this won't be our first and last chat but may be the beginning of a friendship. What do you think?'After this really long and serious statement some time went by before I get an answer from him.'Wow you don't take this lightly. Thank you. I searched for someone who would take care of me and my feelings and I know you do. Yes let's start this with some real information and let us learn about each other. As you already know I'm 12 (for three more weeks now) and always horny. My parents won't discuss any subject relating sex with me and may be they don't like a queer son. Since I was 9 I know a have a rush for boys and men but girls are a pain in my a.... I have some real good friends in school and in the neighborhood but I am not bold enough to bring up the subject of being queer or any sexy things cause I'm afraid they will make fun of me or telling around. Although I think my best friend Chris have the same feeling I never had the nerve to tell him a thing. I searched the net, looked at many pictures and read some stories at nifty while jacking off but that's it. Yesterday I found this forum and one moment I was brave enough to post on it.''My young friend as I see you're so open here and I don't believe you're as shy as you say. Now I know a bit about you and I will give you some hints about me. I'm 26 and by now have some short dates with teens and men my age but I really like to date and chat with boys your age. I have so many really kinky fantasies about sex with boys and would like to share with you. If not chatting dirty with teens I am sketching cartoons for newspapers. That gives me the possibility to choose my time for work if I only deliver the wanted cartoons in time for the next publication. If you wouldn't mind I'll send you a picture of myself so you have an imagination about the looks of me.'I send him my picture showing me in total only wearing hot white boxer briefs.'OMG you're so hot looking. Thank you for trusting me and sending me your picture. I will send one of me but it was taken with my photo handy and don't show me so sexy - sorry.''Hey don't fuss about it.'His picture was now on my Underage Lolita computer showing a slim, trained teen boy with blond hair which is curling a little and with big deep-green eyes, definite eyebrows and long lashes. So cute!'Sorry if I say this but you look so cuuuute!!!''Thanks!''Lenny I think it's time to get a bit more to things we really like both. I think as I did myself your age and any other boy will do, you often jack off in your bed at night. What are you fantasies while jacking off? What do you think will get you really horny? Tell me a nice story about your daydreams!''Oh that's a really private thing but I will share it with you if you promise to tell me as well what you would do to an innocent boy like me!''I will but would like to hear yours first cause I wouldn't move your mind in a special direction but would like to learn how much you know and what you are looking for in a relationship with a man. Do you understand?''Oh yes. OK. Hmm I get a woody thinking about these things. That's the first time I speak about these things and it makes it only a little easier to do it on a chat and not speaking face it face.''C'mon you can do this. It will be nice and give you good feelings telling me your fantasies''OK. Most times I dream about my best friend Chris. How we are hiking in the woods and then we get in some cowboy and Indians game and he ties me to a tree. Then without a hint he starts grabbing my thing through my pants. - Then pulling my pants and underpants down and staring at my crotch for really long pinching my nipples - oh man I'm so hard now - and then he gets naked stroking his meet looking at me bound to the tree till he comes. Then normally I come in my stroking hand.''Uh wow, I don't know many boys who have no experience but have such likes as bondage games and humiliation.''Hmm I don't think it's the humiliation I like but the feeling to be unable to do anything by myself and showing off for someone.''Ah I see! And I really know what you mean and what you need. This can be done. I am really into bondage games myself. I like both: tying someone up or being tied up by someone. But you don't have to fear anything. I really feel loving care to boys like you and I will treat your body as a precious treasure. So I never would hurt you or doing anything you wouldn't like. If you see some pics on the net and read stories on nifty you would know much more about different variations of sexy activities. What do you think about this?''I would like to try everything but I am really longing for loving care. Being held and caressed also jacking of, humping or blow jobs. I'm not sure about any anal action. I hope you understand.''Little Lenny be sure I do. Also you read some stories this is all absolutely new for you. You should try it all but only at the time you're ready for it and only with a friend you know really good and trust. But you should discover on your own how sensitive you anus can be and how this part of you delicious body could give you really good feelings!''How can I do this on my own?''As I think you're horny now?''Oh yes I am!''OK then. Are you alone at home and free to have a good time with your dick now?''Yes I am. My parents are out for some more time. No one is around!''That's very good. Then please drop all clothes get naked in front of me - also I can't see this now - and tell me about the parts of your body which are of so much interest for me and are hidden on this great picture you send.''Uh - that's so kinky and so hot.''What was it?''I'll do what you ask! I yank off my shirt and ... now I pull down my pants ...''Stop what kind of underpants do you wear?''I wear wide, colored satin boxers with some jungle motive on it.''Hmm that sounds nice but we have to change this in near future. A boy like you have to wear slips which show the outline of your prick and nuts and give a clear shape of your butt. I will take care of this later. Go on. Give your dick some good strokes through your shorts and take in the silky feeling of this fine material.''O Bastian. That nearly get's me over the edge.''NO! - Don't be so hasty! If you're near now don't touch your dick but pull down your shorts and tell me about your crotch. Do you have pubic hair? How much, how long, which color? How big is your dick?''I have my shorts now around my ankles. I have only a few hairs down there yet - sparse enough to count them. They are blond and curly like the hair on my head. My dick was 13cm hard last time I measured some days ago.''Hmm that sounds so nice! Now sit down on you chair in front Underage Lolita of your desk. Put your feet on the desk and spread your legs as wide as you can without getting to uncomfortable feelings.''Wow that's a strange feeling. Also no one is here to look at me I feel so on display.''That's it. Now take the middle or index finger and stroke very lightly from the bottom of your nut sack to your innocent boy hole.''Oh man, that tingles. And my prick twitches so hard''Very good - caress your boy hole now. Do it really light and feel the tiny crinkles there''Yes I can feel them. It's strange but it's a good feeling.''You are such a good boy! So now wet your finger with some of your hot boy saliva and then push in your hole. Press out at the same time as if you take a crap.''I should do what? That sounds a bit ... uh?! My finger was at my hole and now I should lick at it?''I hope you take your showers regularly - than it is no big deal. It may taste a bit musky but I think you will love it the moment you will try and you will love the feeling your finger will give you in your boy cunt.''You use such a dirty language now. But it gives me a real turn on. I will give it a try. ... ''You're right. The taste is not bad. But it hurt a bit when I Underage Lolita put my finger in my hole. I fear it would hurt more if I'll go on.''It's ok. Take it slow. Caress you pucker and relax and then press your finger again in - slow very slow. Fuck your hot ass with your finger then you can feel a fantastic, tingling sensation. Grab your dick with your other hand and enjoy your feelings. Don't answer here now. Take your time. I'll be off for a moment to get me a drink. I'll let you know when I'll be back, but if I'm back before you have your great time concentrate on yourself not me. Have fun.'With that I clicked on the window with the great photo of Lenny and went to my bed pulling my pants down and enjoying my own very stiff member. I thought about Lenny, his great body, tried to imagine how his light tan on his smooth, hairless body will shine in sunlight, how the velvet touch of his young skin will feel, how it would be kissing his lips and to fell in the deep green sea of his eyes. I felt the sperm brew in my testicles and then the great moment came. When the afterglow subsided I went back to the screen and flipped to icq:'Hi Lenny I'm back - how are you?''Oh man Bastian, this was so wonderful, the greatest orgasm ever, tons of sperm on my stomach. Thank you that you give me these new, unknown feelings I had.''You searched a man to teach you everything about sex and this was your first lesson. Look out for more this was only the first one. There is much more to come in the future if you like and stay in contact with me.''If I would like? I will long for you the very moment we end this chat until we will meet again here!''OK thanks - that means a lot to me. But for now some things left to be arranged. First I have to take care about your underwear. What is your size?''I wear size S.''I thought as much. I would like to send you some surprising gift by post. Is this safe or will your parents look over your post?''Hmm I often get a parcel from my godfather. They are used to it and don't perish my surprise by opening any parcel for me by themselves.''That's a good idea. But what does your godfather send you typically?''Some adventure book to read or a new game for my x-box and so on.''Ok then I will send you a similar unsuspicious gift together with a special surprise in a parcel without return address. OK?''Yes this is a great idea. Then I can show my parents what I get and they won't suspect anything.''OK second I need your post address to send you my parcel. Do you trust me so far you would give to me?'He gave me his address.'Oh so you live in Ulm. That's quite a way. I'm living in Hannover. I hope we can meet sometimes. Now the third: I think you should test your friend if he feels like you!''But how can I do without getting in big trouble when he isn't what I think he is?''You dreamed about a cowboy and Indian game. I think you are a bit out of the age. But try to get him to be with you when there is nobody around and ask him to tie you up for a game. Say you'll bet him that you can free yourself. As much as I know about you yet you will sport a woody in no time and if you wear your wide boxer shorts it would be very obvious. See how he will react. It can't be more than a bit embarrassing in the worst case but it can lead to more if he likes what he will see. What do you think?''Oh that's a very seductive idea but I don't know if I'm brave enough to do this.''OK it was only a suggestion. I think it's gone pretty late. Feel free to mail me whenever you want. And I hope we will soon chat here.'We exchanged our email and then left the chat. This was a great day and I have found a new friend. What a nice and hot boy.End of part onePart two is ready by now and will have more sexual action taking place. If you like my story or you give me some hints how it can go on feel free to mail me atkaiarvidhotmail.com. To be continued
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